Journal Papers

Published Journal Papers

M Hajizadehoghaz, M Amini, A Abdollahi “Iranian television advertisement and children’s food preferences”, International Journal of Preventive Medicine. 2016;7(1):128

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R Mohseni , S Aliakbar , A Abdollahi , MS Yekaninejad , Z Maghbooli , K Mirzaei . Relationship between major dietary patterns and sarcopenia among menopausal women”, Journal of Aging clinical and experimental research 29 (6), 1241-1248

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R Mohseni, A Abdollahi, MS Yekaninejad, Z Maghbooli, K Mirzaei “The Interaction between Dietary Pattern and Physical Activity on Sarcopenia in Menopausal Women”Journal of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics 2 (5)

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A Abdollahi, M Hajizadehoghaz, R Mohseni, S Aliakbar, Z Veisy, MS Yekaninejad, Z Maghbooli, K Mirzaei. “The Association between Major Dietary Patterns and Grades of Knee Osteoarthritis in Women”, Asian Journal of clinical nutrition 2018;10(1):16-24

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Submitted Journal Papers

”Association of adherence to Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet on different grades of Knee Osteoarthritis (OA) among menopausal women”


“The association between dietary inflammatory index and resting metabolic rate in overweight and obese women”


“Circadian Rhythm Chronotypes May Be Associated with Unhealthy Metabolic Phenotypes in Overweight/Obese Women”