• English: Advanced,
  • IELTS score:6.5 (R:7, L:6.5, S:6, W:6)


  • GRE score:310 ( Verbal:152, Quantitative: 158, Analytical witing:3)


  • Persian (Farsi): Fluent
  • Arabic: Elementary

Technical Experiences:

Working Experiences with Softwares:

  • Statistical: SPSS, STATA, Nutritionist 4, WHO “Anthro”, WHO “Anthro plus”, Endnote
  • General: Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)


  • PCA (Principal Component Analysis) of dietary patterns

Laboratory Experiences:

Aliquoting Blood Samples

PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP)

DNA extraction from blood samples

Electrophoresis of DNA fragments